A mother hustler with a vulgar vernacular who believes in the freedom of expression. A leader of the revolution of good energy. A NOLA girl in a Texas world. She’s been a Hot Girl since the ’99 and the 2000. She’s that true Southern Girl that Frankie Beverly and nem sang about. She has that on a mission-type vibe and rolls her eyes out loud.

She’s published almost a dozen books; including the best-selling series Outside The Box. Tiff Bella is a self-proclaimed conversation curator who creates content and experiences that speak to every woman. She prefers to inspire than to impress.

You’ll probably find her in an incense-filled space, mastering womanhood, with a laptop in front of her, a cellphone in hand, glass of champagne nearby, blasting a trap music playlist.

She’s out for revenge against all Mean Girl behavior and spreading positive vibes one “You Go Girl” at a time.

A writer of black love stories, Tiff Bella’s words embody passion, desire, and freedom.  She curates relatable characters and storylines that produce engagement amongst women. Infatuated by all things womanhood, Tiff writes of experiences that some women may be afraid to tap into or express.

Having an arsenal of story ideas filed in her brain, readers anxiously await where her twisted mind will take them next.