Book Styling

Book Styling

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I get how much of a headache formatting can be.

You’ve done the hard work of writing your manuscript, give yourself a break by having your book formatted for you. 

What’s Included:


Title Page

Fancy Chapter Headers

Page Numbers

Section Breaks

Text Alignment

Running Headers

Table of Contents (Clickable in ebook)

Copyright Page

Dedication Page

About The Author Page (including optional photo) 

Social Links (ebook only)

  • Five Day Turnaround - One Revision

What you receive:

  • PDF (paperback) file
  • .epub file
  • Apple Books file
  • Kindle file
  • Nook file
  • Google Play file

What you send? 

* After you purchase a package, please complete form, that will download, and upload files. If you need to upload additional information, please email the attachments to Include Order # in subject line. 

  • A .doc or .docx file of your completed manuscript
  • File of Book Cover
  • Author Photo (optional)
  • Short Author Bio (optional)
  • Author Social Media Links (optional)